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10 Key Points Latest Ex-Corp Members Should Note (Skills)

1. Learn some skills (soft skills, hard skills, social skills, life skills, etc).
These skills are required for you to be competitive. You will leave your colleagues behind when you have these skills.
2. Build your CV/resumé
Your CV is a summary of your education, career, research experience and other achievements. This is one of the best ways to sell yourself. If your CV is poorly drafted, your chance of getting hired has reduced.
3. Apply for scholarships
This is one of the surest way to leave the country to study abroad. Please only apply for fully funded scholarships if you are not financially bouyant to cater for partial scholarships. Don’t go and constitute nuisances in foreign lands. There are thousands of scholarships in the world today, carefully read the eligibility, conditions, criteria for selection, etc before shooting your shot.
4. Get your international passport ASAP
You can’t travel outside Nigeria without a passport (there may be some exceptions though). Don’t delay getting a passport. You don’t know when that opportunity will come. It is better to have a passport when you don’t need it than not have it when you urgently need it, you will cry ehn!
5. Learn how to drive
I don’t need to tell you why you need to learn how to drive.
6. Leave the country if there’s a need to do so
JAPA . When you have the opportunity, please represent Nigeria well. Don’t go to Dubai and start chasing your fellow Nigerians with cutlasses and knives.
7. Learn how to use the computer and the internet and get a laptop for yourself
Well, I don’t need to explain why you need to learn this.
8. Learn the basics of Microsoft Office Packages (Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive)
It is a very bad thing for a graduate of whatever University or discipline not to know how to save, rename, type and do other basics things on a computer.
9. Take online courses
There are tens of platforms that offer MOOCs and you can learn at your pace. These courses will enrich your knowledge when you follow them carefully. Don’t cultivate the habit of abandoning a course half way. Coursera, Allison, Udacity, Udemy, EdX, etc are some of the popular platforms for MOOCS.
10. “Follow who sabi the way.” Network with people on social media especially on LinkedIn. Volunteer for their organizations, intern at their organizations, participate in campaigns, awareness creation, etc with them.
Please implement these points and watch your growth in the next few months.
Don’t forget, consistency is important and procrastination is your enemy.

Written by:
©Moshood Farhan Jimba.

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