4 Tips to Discorver a Phising Link

Subdomain (SD)
Second Level Domain (SLD)
Domain Extension (DE)
. com
That’s how to break a domain name and discover the originality of the website you are visiting.
If someone wants to set a phishing track for your social media account(s) or your website(s). Take Facebook for example, he can create a Facebook lookalike domain name and design Facebook in exact. He can have something like Facebook.yunus.com when you visit it you will think you are on Facebook when you see a design having no difference in the look. You know normally we can have valid Facebook link as yunus.facebook.com or facebook.com/yunu s leading to an individual’s profile on Facebook and a custom fb mail as Yunus@facebook.com? So, If a layman sees Facebook as subdomain he might think he is on Facebook. Follow the two breakdown that begins this post to know if you’re visiting a real website or lookalike website. With that you will be less vulnerable. The same can happen with your official bank website link.
– Yūnus Olukodo
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