Simple Guide to Download Facebook and Youtube Videos

Do you want to download any of our videos on YouTube or Facebook but you don’t know how to?

I am aware many of our followers want to know how they can easily download any of our videos as we release them but many are unable to.

Quick guide:

1. Download “SnapTube” through this link;

Install the app.

3. Go to any YouTube link from which you wish to download your video, copy the link and paste it on the app. When the link loads up, click on the “download” button shown in yellow colour and pick your desired quality e.g 360p or 480p etc. You can also download a whole YouTube playlist containing numerous videos or episodes in just a single click. Just open that particular channel, click on playlist at the top and choose the playlist name whose episodes you wish to download and share the link from there to SnapTube and click “download all“.
That’s all.

Note: You can use the same method to download a YouTube video as audio format and you can follow the same method to download any video from either Facebook or Instagram.

– Yūnus Olukodo,
Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Founder at Syo Bytes

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